How Astrology Ties into Activism
The astrology of 2020 has been — for lack of a better word — quite intense. With conjunctions, eclipses, and retrogrades galore, it’s no wonder we’re feeling shaken up by all the changes and great...
Retrograde Resilience: What to Watch Out for in 2020
Oh, 2020. What an unforgettable year you are turning out to be. 
An Astrological Look at Self-Care
Self-care has become such a loaded word these days, especially during quarantine. I might even go as far as saying it is now teetering on the edge of sounding a bit salesy.
Why J2C? Why Now?
Today is April 14, 2020. I haven’t interacted with anyone outside of my husband and my baby daughter in about a month. We’re still in the process of practicing social distancing in order to ...