Why J2C? Why Now?

Today is April 14, 2020. I haven’t interacted with anyone outside of my husband and my baby daughter in about a month. We’re still in the process of practicing social distancing in order to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has swept the globe in such an enormous way. Once-bustling cities are suddenly isolated, businesses are forced to shut down, unemployment has skyrocketed, and hospitals are overflowing, with some shifting into makeshift morgues.

It’s a wild time to be alive, that’s for sure. But it can also be an opportune time.

To bask in the stillness while we can.

To sit back and reflect on what we’re doing here, now that we have so much free time on our hands. To think about what lead our society to this state and what we need to prioritize and change moving forward. To receive what the universe is trying to reveal to us and actually act upon it, now that the veil to the unknown has been lifted.

Astrologically, we’re experiencing a unique planetary alignment to kick off 2020: Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are all conjunct in Capricorn. What this means is that everything must be turned upside down and deconstructed so we can finally wake up and fully understand how to rebuild anew.

What this also means (if it’s not already obvious from our month+ of quarantining) is that nothing is going to be the same after we all emerge from this. We are called to embark on this collective journey to consciousness, so we can harness our unique gifts and talents. We now have the opportunity to tap into our limitless potential and make a profound shift in our world like never before.

And yes, what we need has been here this whole time. The tools we need to make lasting change have always been available to us. We just never had a moment to take a unified breath and figure out what that means.

Until now.

Which is why I’ve been called to build J2C: a community where we can work together, dig deep, and see what’s next.

Rowena Winkler, Ph.D.
Founder, J2C