Is an astrology reading calling out to you? Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions.

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What made you interested in astrology?

When I was a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, a couple of colleagues were into astrology and would discuss concepts other than what we all know as horoscopes, or our sun signs. Always an academic, I would engage with them and learned a couple of new things related to astrology.

A turning point for me occurred when I was going through a rough patch with my then-boyfriend-now-husband. We were doing long distance (he was in Maryland while I was working in Virginia) and we were having major miscommunication issues. When I was casually scrolling through my social media channels I found an article on Mercury in Retrograde. As soon as I read about this astrology-related event impacting communication, I immediately ran into my colleague’s office and confronted her about it. 

From that point on, I was hooked.

How did you learn astrology?

I am mostly self-taught, though I have attended webinars and events hosted by Astrology University, Rebecca Gordon Astrology, and Dr. Jennifer Freed. My first deep study occurred in late 2018. A friend recommended purchasing Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Astrology, and it did not disappoint as a first foray into the practice. It was also around this time that I purchased my first astrology software to do more in-depth readings. 

I’ve since read other books to deepen my understanding of astrology, including:

I also follow these folks on social media, along with Jill Wintersteen (AKA Spirit Daughter) on Instagram.

Can you describe your approach to astrology?

As a former professor, I recognize the value of expressing gratitude to my hierophants who have shaped my astrological approach:

  • From Dr. Freed — that astrology is not predictive, and could be used to guide our thoughts and actions and make the most of our assets and liabilities.
  • From Chani Nicholas — that astrology can be socially conscious and used for social justice purposes.
  • From Lindsay Mack — that your readings and practice should be soul-centered and inclusive. 

I also shape my practice based on my experiences as a teacher, scholar, communications professional, performer, and empath.

How long does it take to receive a report? 

Based on the type of report and how detailed your request is, reports will be sent to you via email as a PDF file within 7-10 days following your initial request. 

What is the difference between a report and a reading?

A report is a written account of the astrological insights garnered from your date, time, and location of birth. A reading is a face-to-face energetic exchange (either in person or over Google Meet) that allows you to review the written report and ask questions, discuss sections in more detail, or provide deeper insight into what has emerged in your natal chart. They typically take about an hour, and can be purchased alongside a report for an additional price. 

Why do I need to know my time of birth? 

Knowing your exact time of birth helps determine two very important aspects of your natal chart: 

  • The Ascendant: The point in the sky of the Eastern horizon. In the chart, the Ascendant is represented by the horizontal line at the left hand side of the chart which crosses between the Twelfth and First Houses. The sign on the Ascendant is also referred to as the Rising Sign, or how you first present yourself to people (i.e. first impressions). 
  • The Midheaven: The point in the sky directly overhead relative to the position on Earth. In the chart, the Midheaven is represented by the vertical line at the top of the chart between the Ninth and Tenth Houses. The Midheaven is your ego identity, or how you aspire to present yourself to society. 

Can you predict the future?

As mentioned above, I do not believe astrology is predictive and should not be used as a means to tell the future. In my experience, astrology can be used as a guide in order to live up to your potential based on the findings in your natal chart. Astrological findings can be helpful to gain insight on yourself and how you interact with others; however, we also have free will so whether or not you decide to act upon these insights is completely up to you.

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I highly recommend Rowena to anyone looking for an accurate, insightful, and eye-opening reading! What could feel like a one-sided dialogue felt more like a deep and engaging conversation between two friends. I left the session with the confidence to navigate my path with more clarity and purpose. Thank you Rowena!

Lily Devadas

Lily Devadas