J2C’s Offerings

Gain valuable insights on the impact of your assets and limitations — and how to move forward.

Astrology Reports

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A fully-personalized document on your astrology and how your chart manifests in your everyday life. Must know your date, time, and location of birth to be most accurate.

Sun, Moon, & Rising Report $250
Birth Chart Report $350
Compatibility Report $550

Specialized Reports

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A fully-personalized document in more specific astrological areas such as Mercury in Retrograde, Moon Phases, and Saturn Return.

Mercury in Retrograde Report $150
Moon Phases Report $200
Saturn Return $300
Hannah Jefferson

Rowena is skilled and thorough in her astrological work, and is clearly passionate about what she does! I learned so much and found great value from my experience with her. If you are looking for deeper insight, education, and a truly professional experience when it comes to astrology, Rowena is the one to work with!

— Hannah Jefferson, Soul and Lune Wellness